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    Stroudwater and Fore River Sanctuary Trails - New Members Welcome
    11-22-14 7:30 pm - Josh's Apartment
    Maine Outdoor Adventure Club (MOAC)

    Please refer to the official MOAC activity calendar at the link below for details... http://www.moac.org/clubportal/EventDetailPublic.cfm?clubID=1253&EventID=212831&mo=11&tDate={d%20%[masked]%27}

    Meet at the Dog Park
    11-22-14 7:30 pm - Josh's Apartment
    Small dog play group-Greater Portland, Maine

     Coming from Washington Avenue, immediately after you pass Presumbscot Street, look to the left for a SMALL brown sign for the dog park.   Immediately after you enter the driveway, look for a gate on your left.  Pass thru the first gate and...

    Dessert Party!!!
    11-22-14 7:30 pm - Josh's Apartment
    Portland Home Cooking Supper Club

    Josh is the first brave soul to offer to host!!!  He will be hosting a dessert party.   Dessert of the week is going to be his pumpkin/nut/chocolate chip cake.  Sounds so delicious!!! Contributions: voluntary and can be financial or beverage...

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    10 Reasons to List Your Home For Sale in the Winter of 2014

    Parade of Flares at Ski Resort New Years 2014 Time tested advice is worth re-posting. The expectations of 1 year ago were perhaps a bit grander than the actual market results but, over all, the landscape hasn’t changed much. There IS demand for second homes and primary residences. Condo sales are a little higher than […]

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    Google+ Supports My Portland Maine Real Estate Site!

    Although I usually write or re-post about homes, condos and land, and other real estate related stuff for Maine real estate, I just have to applaud Google Plus and the new Google+ URLs that are now user and consumer friendly! Instead of sharing a Google+ URL that was a jumble of digits I know have […]

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    Real Estate Property Taxes in the Sebago Lake Maine area

    This was my response to a question in the Zillow home buyers’ forum so I thought it would be good to share it here: I would also suggest basing your search on your property needs and wants, whether it is in the Sebago Lake Region, Portland Maine or any city or town and then look […]

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    Why You Need a Professional to Help You Buy or Sell Real Estate in Maine

    This is a good article I am re-posting fromt he KCM crew. This has good information for consumers whether they are looking to buy or sell in Portland, South Portland ME, Scarborough, Falmouth, Gorham, Westbrook, Windham or as far into Maine Western Mountains and Lake region as Fryeburg, Lovell and Bridgton. You Need a Professional […]

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    Maine Seniors Selling Homes Face Similar Concerns

    This is a very relevant article by The KCM blog, a real estate information and education service based blog that brings me very useful information as I execute my business of helping people sell their homes. Owners of Maine real estate face the same issues as owners anywhere else in America, especially when it becomes […]

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    Portlan Real Estate Buyers Window of Opportunity

    Buyers: Window of Opportunity Still Open Posted: By KCM Crew The Fed recently announced they would continue their current pace of purchasing bonds until the economy was stronger. This bond purchasing program is the reason that mortgage interest rates are at historic lows. Rates began to increase over the last several months just on the […]

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    2014 NAR Real estate projections

    Whether you are in the Portland Maine area or the Western Mountains and Lakes Region out near Fryeburg, Lovell and Brownfield and Sebago Lake area, this information may affect how you plan for your future.  

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    Pricing Your Home to Sell is Tricky Business

    Whether you are in Portland Maine, North Conway NH, Boston MA or beyond, the question I always face with customers is whether they want to price it to sell or price it to sit on the market. I found this article by The KCM crew and wanted to share it: Pricing Your House to Sell […]

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    Expert Opinions on Real Estate

    Posted: 17 Sep 2013 04:00 AM PDT by KCM Home   Maine Real Estate Search     Portland Maine Real Estate Rick Judson, chairman of NAHB Responding to the report that over 80% of housing markets are improving: “While there is still plenty of room for growth, this is an excellent indication of how the housing recovery has […]

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    Maine Real Estate Transactions are not always easy

    Real Estate transactions may be more difficult than they appear by Jaime         Home     Maine Real Estate Search Map Why does everyone think that real estate has to be filled with drama? Does it require days or weeks of dead-end frustrating negotiations? Does it really require misleading stories about why the house is overpriced and how […]

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